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When I woke up from otherworldly thoughts, it turned out that Nina was just getting to the point:

“…has some meaning. A serious man, with money, with clear views on life I already talked about looks. It's hard, it's hard alone. My daughter has grown up and has her own life. And then I literally blossomed, as if all these years were gone. I had a good life with my husband. Different, but more is good. And here - everything is different. But some things bother me. I'm not jealous, God forbid. But should I be 100% sure? Must?

I nodded.

- So you agree. There may be business, and business trips. But I want to trust my man. I want to know more about him. After all, right?

I nodded again. Crap! I could just as well nod on the phone!

- And then Irina says that her friend Tatyana Ivankova ...

— My surname is Ivanopulo.

- What? Oh sorry. I'm so worried. So, Tatyana, I want to ask you to find out the essence of these business trips of his. Well - where, why. Maybe with someone. I don't know, maybe not with anyone. But you need to know. Right? Don't think I'm not jealous.



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